Sunday, May 13, 2012


Been a good while sense Ive gotten into photoslop, 3 hour Armour study just tryin to remember how to paint.


Finally broke down and bought a moleskin.  Must admit they are pretty nice.  My goal for this bad boy is to have it filled by the end of summer.  Page 1 inspired by a not so great website I happened to stumble across while on one of my usual Google reference grabs.  May speak to my ignorance but I didn't realize the Knights Party was still active...  To top it off they sell T-shirts...  Awesome! Anyways this realization lead to this sketch set place in a destopian alternate universe in which clans, gangs, and religious cults wage an epic turf war across the galaxy, battling over bombed out asteroid fields and crater filled moons!!!  Or as I call it (molepost1).  More to come!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pilsburry Dough Stripper

Whatever you do don't poke her stomach.......That costs extra.  Good to post again been without a descent scanner sense schools been closed down.  Now that summer classes started I can sneak back on campus and bum their resources.  Check back for more recurring posts trying to get back in a habit of updating at least a few times a week.